Summer Items On Sale!

A Message From The Designer

With the clothing industry leading the way in waste consumption, and fast fashion encouraging the unethical practices of clothing production, I wanted to create a business that had a positive impact on the industry and environment. 

My fashion brand consists of recycled clothing that has been transformed into new designs. I have taken outdated fabrics and revived them- bringing them back to life with innovative style. AVCD is so unique that it offers every shopper a chance to embrace their own personal style with my one of a kind pieces. 

Clothing is an extension of ourselves, and what we choose to wear highlights who we are as individuals through our own creative styles. AVCD was built around sustainable practices, yet it’s a trendy collection that carries a lot of spunk and attitude. 

My hope is that my customers receive knowledge about sustainable fashion and continue to shop smart with AVCD. I value your business, and I hope you take some comfort in knowing that as a designer, I’m honest and transparent when it comes to my clothing brand. 

Thank you for shopping AVCD!

-Amber Vokt